Executing Julia Code in without Precompilation Overhead

I have a Julia Code that I need to run in a production environment on Windows and call it from C#. It is basically a package containing a main function that is called with some arguments once the package is loaded. At the moment julia is called from the cmd by using somethign like:
julia -e “using MyPackage; MyPackage.main(Arguments)”

The problem with this approach is, that it’s really slow, because every time this command is executed, the entire precompilation has to be processed.

I know this can be solve. There are a lot of interesting articles online about getting rid of the overhead when running a Julia function for the first time. I was reading and trying functionalities like the precompile-function, SnoopCompile, building a System Image, combining all of the with PackageCompiler. But some of this articles are rather old and the example do not always work for Julia 0.7 (deprecated warnings and sometimes errors appear) My question to concerning this situation is:

What is the proper and stable(!) way to do this on 1.0 or at the moment at least on 0.7? Should I create an executable or a System Image or is there any other way to solve this?

I am glad for any inputs, thank you.