Executing a file

I’m a new user on windows 10 and I have just installed Julia on my computer.
So I’m trying to execute a file coming from a public github rep. Let’s call it awesomepackage.
I opened the Julia command line and typed:
using Pkg
Pkg.add(“github address of the awesome package”)

THen it installed a lot of libraries without errors.
Then i donwloaded the library on the git website.
I tried to use:
include(location of the julia script i want to execute)

in order to execute my file, however I have a lot of errors telling me to add libraries (and those libraries were already added when I used Pkg).
So i guess I’m doing something wrong. Double-clicking on the julia file doesn’t work either.
Any suggestion?

Thank you in advance!

You don’t need to include, just do a:

using AwesomePackage
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After the line:
using AwesomePackage
, what do I have to add in order to execute the file which is inside AwesomePackage?
(suppose it is located in AwesomePackage/dir/Aweomsefile.jl)

Thank you in advance

julia> using Dates

julia> dayname(3)

There is no exposed API for getting the location of a file relative to the package sources (it was removed deliberately, see #417). Package authors who want to expose file location usually define a mechanism for it using @__DIR__, but to say anything concrete one would need to see the package.