Example of GLMakie sharing GLFW/OpenGL context (for example with CImGui)?

I found an example from 2020 in this thread Is it possible to use Makie in CImGui? here: Modification of Gnimuc's example: https://gist.github.com/Gnimuc/5a1e4942784cfc3558e2ee50b7bee84d · GitHub

But Makie has changed quite a bit since then. Is there a more recent example? I searched Discourse and Github with no luck.

More specfically, what has replaced:
AbstractPlotting.backend_display(GLMakie.GLBackend(), scene)
set_window_config (is it GLMakie.activate! ?)

Any pointer would be appreciated! Thanks!

For the last two, it is:

new_screen = display(scene, backend = GLMakie)
GLMakie.activate!(; config_kwargs...)

You may want to look at MousetrapMakie.jl or GtkMakie.jl to see what they’re doing!

Thanks! I did not know about Moustrap. I will have a look.

Unfortunately, I can’t translate what MoustrapMakie does to CImGui and the initialization of the backends. The latter seem much lower level. I’ll try opening an issue on CImGui.jl