Error when performing join on Distributed Tables (JuliaDB)


I get the error message shown below when trying to do the following out-of-core join:

t209_expanded = join(t209, t201_sel, broadcast = :right, how = :left, lkey = :appln_id, rkey = :appln_id)

Both input tables are large Distributed Tables, only the right one fits into memory, as required by the manual. I’m not that sure what broadcast = :right does, but it was also specified in the documentation on out-of-core joins.

<strong>MethodError: Cannot `convert` an object of type Nullables.Nullable{Array{Pair{Dagger.OSProc,Int64},1}} to an object of type Array{Pair{Dagger.OSProc,Int64},1}</strong>

<strong>Closest candidates are:
convert(::Type{Array{S,N}}, !Matched::DataValueArray{T,N}) where {S, T, N} at C:\Users\Jakob\.julia\packages\DataValues\N7oeL\src\array\primitives.jl:272
convert(::Type{Array{S,N}}, !Matched::DataValueArray{T,N}, !Matched::Any) where {S, T, N} at C:\Users\Jakob\.julia\packages\DataValues\N7oeL\src\array\primitives.jl:301
convert(::Type{Array{S,N}}, !Matched::PooledArrays.PooledArray{T,R,N,RA} where RA) where {S, T, R, N} at C:\Users\Jakob\.julia\packages\PooledArrays\yiLq3\src\PooledArrays.jl:294

Anybody have an idea what’s going wrong?