Error when compile v1.4.0

Hi All, I try to compile v1.4.0 using gcc 6.4.0, get following error:

error during bootstrap:
LoadError(“sysimg.jl”, 3, LoadError(“Base.jl”, 198, LoadError(“version.jl”, 240, ArgumentError("invalid version string: "))))
VersionNumber at ./version.jl:111

Can someone help me to find out the reason? thanks!

The error seems to be from Can you check the libllvm_version_string entry in base/build_h.jl?

Hi fredrikekre, thanks for your reply. I checked libllvm_version_string entry in base/build_h.jl it empty: libllvm_version_string = “” How to fix it? Thanks!

I guess something goes wrong here then? What does

$ make print-LLVM_CONFIG_HOST

$ /home/fredrik/julia-master/usr/tools/llvm-config --version

return for you?
Have you made any settings w.r.t. LLVM?

It shows: /lib64/ version `GLIBCXX_3.4.22’ not found. I have to upgrade

Hello again,

I upgrade, it works now. Thanks for your help!