Error "unexpected token G.." while running PackageCompiler on Blink.jl

Hi, I want to compile Blink to increase it’s performance. During Blink.jl package compilation JS error is shown.
I use PackageCompiler#sd-notomls (using official branch also throws that error).

julia> compile_incremental(:Blink)
┌ Warning: The following test dependencies are not installed: Pkg.Types.PackageSpec[].
│         Snooping based on test scripts will likely fail.
│         Please use `install = true` or install those packages manually
└ @ PackageCompiler ~/.julia/packages/PackageCompiler/UQ5UO/src/snooping.jl:146
WARNING: could not import Base.quit into AtomShell
┌ Warning: Please upgrade Blink for a smoother integration with WebIO.
│   caller = ip:0x0
└ @ Core :-1:

Then compilation halts and message is displayed:
Maybe anybody can comment on that?

That’s a Blink.jl bug. Can you try with Blink#master?

#master worked, thanks!
Looks like compiling effectively reduced startup time of Blink. :wink:

julia> @time using Blink; w = Window();
  6.663862 seconds (9.15 M allocations: 477.321 MiB, 4.80% gc time)
julia> @time using Blink; w = Window();
  0.000478 seconds (282 allocations: 15.094 KiB)