Error "type DiffEqArray has no field indepsym"

Hello. I am using Julia for my research, and here’s what I am using.

I am trying to run exactly same code in the website above. Everything goes well except the last one. When I run a code, I got :

using DiffEqBase.EnsembleAnalysis
means_SSA = timeseries_steps_mean(sol_SSA)
plot!(means_SSA, lw=2, labels=[“SSA μ₁₀(t)” “SSA μ₀₁(t)”], linestyle=:dash,
linecolor=[1 2], background_color_legend=nothing, legend=:bottomright)

type DiffEqArray has no field indepsym
[1] getproperty
@ .\Base.jl:38 [inlined]
[2] macro expansion
@ C:\Users\tjrgh.julia\packages\RecursiveArrayTools\VzH8Y\src\vector_of_array.jl:439 [inlined]
[3] apply_recipe(plotattributes::AbstractDict{Symbol, Any}, VA::RecursiveArrayTools.AbstractDiffEqArray)
@ RecursiveArrayTools C:\Users\tjrgh.julia\packages\RecipesBase\z10lo\src\RecipesBase.jl:300
[4] _process_userrecipes!(plt::Any, plotattributes::Any, args::Any)
@ RecipesPipeline C:\Users\tjrgh.julia\packages\RecipesPipeline\XxUHt\src\user_recipe.jl:38
[5] recipe_pipeline!(plt::Any, plotattributes::Any, args::Any)
@ RecipesPipeline C:\Users\tjrgh.julia\packages\RecipesPipeline\XxUHt\src\RecipesPipeline.jl:72
[6] _plot!(plt::Plots.Plot, plotattributes::Any, args::Any)
@ Plots C:\Users\tjrgh.julia\packages\Plots\B5j7d\src\plot.jl:223
[7] plot!#193
@ C:\Users\tjrgh.julia\packages\Plots\B5j7d\src\plot.jl:213 [inlined]
[8] plot!(args::Any; kw::Base.Pairs{Symbol, V, Tuple{Vararg{Symbol, N}}, NamedTuple{names, T}} where {V, N, names, T<:Tuple{Vararg{Any, N}}})
@ Plots C:\Users\tjrgh.julia\packages\Plots\B5j7d\src\plot.jl:202
[9] top-level scope
@ In[25]:4

I am running exactly same code, but this error occurs…What is the problem??

MomentClosure needs a bunch of updates. I’ll update it and see if I can move it into the SciML org so we can keep it maintained. It’s not in the SciML org and was built by outside folk so it’s not really part of our orbit, but I’d be happy to make it so.

I’ll update this in Check Catalyst 13 by ChrisRackauckas · Pull Request #48 · augustinas1/MomentClosure.jl · GitHub

Hi, sorry I saw this thread only now. Just noting that this error is not directly related to MomentClosure - see this open issue.

And RecursiveArrayTools should be patched now. If you update MomentClosure and RAT (i.e. just ]st up) this should all be good now.