Error spawning threads: possible timing issue as some not starting in 1.10.2

I have a multi-threaded application (multi-agent system with autonomous agents) which has generally been working fine. I upgraded to 1.10.2 yesterday and since then I noticed that some of the agents were not actually starting. Well, initially, I figured they were starting but not actually doing what I expected them to do. After some investigation, I confirmed that they simply were not starting. I added a short sleep to the code that starts them all up and things are working again.
The code essentially is:

for s ∈ 1:ns
    # [...]
    errormonitor(Threads.@spawn someAgent(arguments...))
    sleep(0.1) # just to see if this helps all solvers start

I will investigate further as I find time but my code is working again. Note that I don’t particularly mind the 0.1 s delay between starting the different threads as the application as a whole takes hours to run. However, I thought I would mention this here in case somebody finds it interesting/useful/worrying (delete as appropriate).