Error saving as SVG SystemError: opening file tikzpicture.log: No such file or directory

I get the above error when I try to plot using Plots.jl with pgfplots() as a backend. Any idea what is missing? double posting

Have you installed pdf2svg? You can see the installation instructions for PGFPlots.jl here.

Yes I have. FWIW, I am using MikTex on Linux which I suspect is the only unusual setup if PGFPlots.jl assumes TexLive when it finds Linux for some reason.

Yes, I am using TeXLive with linux, but I have to say that I did find the PGFPlots installation a bit clunky. Can you get PGFPlots.jl to work at all? By that I mean not as a backend to Plots.jl, that way we can see whether or not this is a Plots issue or a PGFPlots issue.

I can use the pgfplots package in a .tex file, but when I try PGFPlots.jl in Julia, it gives this error. Also, it works fine in Windows with MikTex. So I suppose it is that unusual setup that might be causing the problem.

What happens if you run

$ which pdf2svg

at the terminal?


What version of pgfplots do you have? Is it greater than 1.10?


Hmm, I am not sure sorry. I think that you should probably move your issue from Plots.jl to PGFPlots.jl. The only good news that I can give you is that it seems that there are plans to make .pdf the default file format (which would probably fix your issue). Also, there are plans to have the dependencies installed automatically.

The only other suggestion that I can think of is to upgrade pdf2svg and see what that does. Then if that doesn’t work, then you could possibly change to TexLive.

Alright, I will see what I can do. Thanks.

For the record, it works fine with TeXLive, thanks for your suggestions.

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