Error "no method matching fieldindex"

Since Random123 was moved into a separate package (at least I think), some fairly involved code that ran fine before now throws an

ERROR: MethodError: no method matching fieldindex(::Type{Random123.Philox4x}, ::Symbol, ::Bool)

deep in code generation, inearly_inline_special_case(). I wasn’t able to reproduce this with a MWE, it only happens when I run the full thing. And ideas how to diagnose/debug this? Should this happen at all?

The error above seems to occur when I run the script in question the second time - taking a closer look, the original error may be this one (happens the first time I run the script):

Internal error: encountered unexpected error in runtime:
MethodError(f=typeof(Core.Compiler.fieldindex)(), args=(Random123.Philox4x{T, R} where R where T<:Union{UInt32, UInt64}, :ctr1, false), world=...)