ERROR: LoadError: Solver does not support quadratic constraints



I’m new to julia and am trying to create / modify a fantasy lineup generator. After adding part of the code, i get the error “LoadError: Solver does not support quadratic constraints” when running it. The code causing this is:

@addConstraint(m, sum{sum{sum{skaters[i]*skaters[j]*P1_info[i,k]*P1_info[j,k]*skaters_lineup[i]*skaters_lineup[j], i=1:num_skaters}, j=1:num_skaters}, k=1:num_teams} >= sum{sum{sum{forwards[i]*forwards[j]*P1_info[i,k]*P1_info[j,k]*skaters_lineup[i]*skaters_lineup[j], i=1:num_skaters}, j=1:num_skaters}, k=1:num_teams}+4)

basically I want to force the defenders on the team to share powerplays with other members of the team, but that might be besides the point… Any idea why this is causing the error and / or how to fix it?

Any help would be greatly appreciated