ERROR: InitError: KeyError: key "get_cmap" not found

I tried to make a new release of my package. My unit tests all pass (i.e. green checkmark in GitHub’s CI). However, @JuliaRegistrator is refusing to merge here because “automerge guidelines not met”. The log file reveals an error message “ERROR: InitError: KeyError: key “get_cmap” not found”. This error message is very rare on the internet, but it eventually leads back to this.

How do I get back into @JuliaRegistrator’s good graces?

Sorry to so quickly reply to my own post but I seem to have found the solution by pinning matplotlib to version 3.8.3. This is my commit in my repo, I took it from this but that commit has other things as well.

Just FYI, your log showed that you were using v2.11.2 of PyPlot.jl in that CI run, which did not support matplotlib 3.9. PyPlot.jl has been updated (current version v2.11.5) and should now work with matplotlib v3.9.