Error in DynamicPolynomials?

The following code used to work, but I’m having an issue with it now:

using DynamicPolynomials
@polyvar var1 var2
v = randn(3);
_mons = monomials([var1, var2], length(v) - 1);
p = sum(_mons .* v)
p + p
ERROR: AssertionError: issorted(Z, lt = grlex)
 [1] MonomialVector{true}(vars::Vector{PolyVar{true}}, Z::Vector{Vector{Int64}})
   @ DynamicPolynomials ~/.julia/packages/DynamicPolynomials/jOoxo/src/monovec.jl:11
 [2] plusorminus(p::Polynomial{true, Float64}, q::Polynomial{true, Float64}, op::Function)
   @ DynamicPolynomials ~/.julia/packages/DynamicPolynomials/jOoxo/src/operators.jl:53
 [3] +(x::Polynomial{true, Float64}, y::Polynomial{true, Float64})
   @ DynamicPolynomials ~/.julia/packages/DynamicPolynomials/jOoxo/src/operators.jl:130
 [4] top-level scope
   @ REPL[33]:1

Can you check that you are not using the master branch of MultivariatePolynomials but rather the latest release ?
This is due to the breaking change in Reverse monomial order by blegat · Pull Request #225 · JuliaAlgebra/MultivariatePolynomials.jl · GitHub which needs Update with MultivariatePolynomials#bl/term by blegat · Pull Request #113 · JuliaAlgebra/DynamicPolynomials.jl · GitHub.
If you use the latest release of both packages, everything should be fine.
I am waiting to be done with all the breaking changes I need to do for gcd performance · Issue #194 · JuliaAlgebra/MultivariatePolynomials.jl · GitHub before making new releases. In the meantime, it’s best to stay way from the development branches and stay with releases.