Error in constraint statement

I can not identify the reason for “LoadError: syntax: missing comma or ) in argument list
in expression starting at” in the first line of this constraint:
@constraint(problem1, raball[r in RAW, k in 1:interval:length(TIME), k>=1+interval],
INV[r,k]==INV[r,k-interval]-sum(PROD[o,f,p,j,t]*demraw[p,r] for o in O, f in F, p in PRO[f], j in U, t in k-interval:interval:k-1 if o<=23 && f<=13 && p<=45)+inv[r,k])
Thanks in advance!

Please take the time to read the first post of PSA: make it easier to help you. You should format your code properly, and provide a minimal working example.

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Thanks odow. One bracket was missing in the lines above.