Error in adding Plots - v.1.6.0 , Win 10

Dear all,

I am very new to Julia and the Julia Community in this discourse.

I am currently having trouble adding the Plots package to my computer. In particular, I do not understand GLib-GIO-WARNING. Reading from similar threads, I presume I have troubles with dependency, such as the GR package. I am not sure how to proceed.

Here are the snippets:

When I try to run Pkg.resolve(“Plots”), it returns the following

Your help is very much appreciated.


Why are you using Julia 1.6.0? The latest release is 1.7.1.

What happens if you run ] build GR as the error message suggests?

Dear Nils,

When I do ] build GR, Julia does not provide any other information besides the following

Then, I re-try using Plots. Again, Julia returns the same error message as the initial snippets I provided above.

As for v1.6.0, there are no specific reasons; I am not sure how to update the version (should I download the new version? Do I need to update somehow from Julia? etc.). Does working with the latest version of Julia always resolve the problem, i.e., adding the Plots package problem to my computer?

I am looking forward to your reply.


Yes just download 1.7.1 from here:

and install