Error adding package to Julia

I am a Windows user I installed julia 1.5.3 and when I add the package JuMP notifies me of this error, if we can help thank you.
(@v1.5) pkg> up
No Changes to C:\Users\Usuario\.julia\environments\v1.5\Project.toml
No Changes to C:\Users\Usuario\.julia\environments\v1.5\Manifest.toml

(@v1.5) pkg> add JuMP
Resolving package versions…
ERROR: Unsatisfiable requirements detected for package ForwardDiff [f6369f11]:
ForwardDiff [f6369f11] log:
├─ForwardDiff [f6369f11] has no known versions!
└─found to have no compatible versions left with JuMP [4076af6c]
└─JuMP [4076af6c] log:
├─possible versions are: [0.18.3-0.18.6, 0.19.0-0.19.2, 0.20.0-0.20.1, 0.21.0-0.21.6] or uninstalled
└─restricted to versions * by an explicit requirement, leaving only versions [0.18.3-0.18.6, 0.19.0-0.19.2, 0.20.0-0.20.1, 0.21.0-0.21.6]

(@v1.5) pkg> st
Status C:\Users\Usuario\.julia\environments\v1.5\Project.toml
[37e2e46d] LinearAlgebra

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Can you do pkg> registry update before running `pkg> add JuMP and report the results?

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