Equiavalent of @threadcall but for Julia code?

Is there a way to run a Julia function on another thread? As far as I can tell the current (and I do understand experimental) threading support provides for parallel threaded for loops and @threadcall for calling a c function in a separate thread. But is there, or will there soon be, a way to run Julia code (i.e. a function, task etc.) on a separate thread?

Not at the moment. All Julia code must run in the main thread.

Is anything like this potentially on the roadmap? For many problems it is useful to have more general threading than just splitting iterations. I’m sure I read somewhere that Tasks might eventually have concurrent execution.

It’s on the 1.0 roadmap to support cilk-like spawn but it’s likely post 1.0 goal to support manually creating new threads.

Great, a cilk-like spawn is exactly what I’m looking for. Is there somewhere I can see the plans / work in progress on this (an issue or branch on github?).

Looks like a relevant issue is: