Environment variables on Julia 1.9

Julia 1.9.0-DEV has a new feature: --heap-size-hint=<size>. But how can I trigger it in Jupyter on Windows system? Like using mulitthreads, I could set the environment variable JULIA_NUMS_THREADS to 10. Is there a same way to do that with --heap-size-hint=<size>?
I checked the documentation of Julia 1.9.0-DEV, Environment Variables · The Julia Language, while it is not mentioned.

I don’t think this is (yet) available with ENV. You could suggest it, but note 1.9 is in DEV, not out so this feature might go away (I doubt it though). I think it shouldn’t be needed, if the GC was actually better, more aggressive be default.

I don’t know if other languages have a similar option (then most likely Java, not Go I think). You could make a PR for an ENV, but while I think the option (as is) is is useful, at least as a debug option, I don’t think we’ll need this in the future, which is coming fast. There’s a lot going on with GC, many PRs already and some merged. People are doing good work on it.

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Yes, I tried, you are right. The default configuration usually has the best performace.

I can see some uses for it, but not for the normal user. But making an enviroment variable also an option is probably fine.

Install a kernel with the option. See Installation · IJulia