@enter include("file.jl")

Can’t figure out how to get the VSCODE debugger to like:
@enter include(“file.jl”)
from the REPL
When I step into the include, it goes into a ccall and doesn’t let me go into the file to hit a breakpoint.

If I try to debug the file straight up in VScode, the debugger seems to get hung up on loading MAT files. I’d like to skip those parts in compile mode. My thought was to run it not in compile mode, get through the include and ccall, and stop at the top of the file and then debug it using compile mode to step over the intense functions.

In the past, I’ve had to encapsulate everything into functions that I could do something like:
@enter x.go(d)

But I’d prefer to be able to do it either way.

Any hints?

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