Empty remotechannel and resizing slurm jobs

I am using RemoteChannels and Distributed for a multicore simulation with the template provided here:

Each process can take a few hours so I’d like to resize my Slurm job after the RemoteChannel with the data/parameters to use becomes empty and some of the workers become idle.

Is there any way to do this within julia (i.e., determining when a worker is idle)? I found this:

Is this the best way to get the worker to complete the do_work function after the RemoteChannel with the data/parameters becomes empty? I don’t know exactly how RemoteChannels work, so I was wondering if there is some chance that do_work here would complete with items still in the RemoteChannel.

If this does work, then I suppose I could have another channel that contains the IDs of the worker and each worker puts its ID there before do_work finishes. Then, the main process could use Slurm to resize the job…