@edit files read only?

In th REPL if I add a package, and then use it, is there a way to have @edit let me Revise the file? Without deving the package, it opens up a read only editor for a file in, e.g. .julia/packages/PkgName/hash/src/file.jl

Do I have to dev the package in order to revise it?

Yep! add guarantees that you are using the exact version that was registered so that the compat bounds of all the dependencies in your environment can be resolved.

dev tells Pkg, “I want to take the risk of having a mutable dependency here.”


Is that so? When I @edit sin(4) the file is not read-only!

Just to clarify, it isn’t @edit that chooses to do this, @edit simply opens the file with the permissions it has on disk on your machine. Package source files are set to be read-only by the package manager when you install them because they are supposed to be immutable.

That would point you to a source file in your Julia installation, and I don’t think installation procedures set’s these to be read-only.

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Is this deliberate? I think it would be preferable that Julia installation files also be read-only.

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