Easiest way to get CUDA.jl up and running

I have a Dell Inspiron 5558 with a Nvidia GeForce 920M running Linux Mint 18.2. I’m trying to get CUDA.jl running so I can use the GPU for Flux.jl. However, I’ve run into several issues. Calling CUDA.versioninfo() yields the following error messages:

Downloading artifact: CUDA_compat
┌ Warning: This version of CUDA.jl only supports NVIDIA drivers for CUDA 10.2 or higher (yours is for CUDA 9.0.0)
└ @ CUDA /home/swan/.julia/packages/CUDA/DfvRa/src/initialization.jl:66
┌ Warning: The NVIDIA driver on this system only supports up to CUDA 9.0.0.
│ For performance reasons, it is recommended to upgrade to a driver that supports CUDA 11.2 or higher.
└ @ CUDA /home/swan/.julia/packages/CUDA/DfvRa/src/initialization.jl:70
┌ Warning: Unable to use CUDA from artifacts: Could not find or download a compatible artifact for your platform (x86_64-linux-gnu-libgfortran5-cxx11-julia_version+1.8.2).
│ If you think this is in error, please file an issue.
└ @ CUDA.Deps /home/swan/.julia/packages/CUDA/DfvRa/deps/bindeps.jl:84
┌ Warning: Unable to use a local CUDA installation: Could not find the nvdisasm binary.
│ If CUDA is installed, please make sure this binary is in your PATH.
└ @ CUDA.Deps /home/swan/.julia/packages/CUDA/DfvRa/deps/bindeps.jl:94
No suitable CUDA installation available.
Please look at the warnings above for possible reasons.
  • I have tried upgrading my Nvidia drivers from the Mint driver manager, but I have the highest version it appears to offer (Version 384.130).
  • I have checked the software manager and also called ubuntu-drivers devices from a terminal, and these also show no versions higher than the one I have.
  • I can find a higher version on Nvidia’s website, but trying to install it requires me to exit X. However, when I run sudo init 3 from a terminal, my screen just goes blank, and I can’t do anything (even run sudo init 5).

What is the easiest way to get CUDA.jl working for use with Flux.jl on my system? The docs for CUDA.jl mention the possibility of downgrading the package, but I can’t find any details on this. Alternatively, is there a way to upgrade my Nvidia driver that’s manageable for a non-expert?

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Upgrading your OS; Linux Mint 18.2 is EOL anyway.

You should generally not install NVIDIA drivers from their website, as that will pollute your system. Instead, always install drivers using your distro’s packaging mechanism, but because you’re using an outdated OS that only provides outdated drivers that CUDA.jl doesn’t support.

That said, you’re also using outdated/unsupported hardware. The Nvidia GeForce 920M is not supported by NVIDIA anymore, so you can only install their legacy driver. I’m not sure what the CUDA capability is that’s offered by the latest legacy driver, so you might be SOL.

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