Early Adopters Be Happy!

As Achilles was told in the movie, City Of Troy, “[Python’s] glory will become its doom”; and it certainly did.

Python was or ‘is’ essentially a forerunner to the programming language called “JULIA” (you would find out soon). In a sense, BDFL just wanted a language that would be great as in his words “easy to read”. But Python grew so much - and it was fine for the growth - but it got into a domain that would come to bite it later - “NUMBERS CRUNCHING”.

Python could do all things, but as for “NUMBERS CRUNCHING”, it wasn’t designed for that - that’s why you see the ‘uncountable’ libraries implemented in other languages and then ported into Python, some meant to speed it up, others meant to help it arrays.

The painful part is that Python’s large user base has now come to be in the “NUMBERS CRUNCHING” domain. A domain we know very well in 10 years time won’t be able to take anything “slow”. Yes there will continue to be libraries, but “JULIA” offers it all in one package and its own language and with the same “easy to read” syntax that BDFL wanted - this is why I said python was a fore-runner to Julia, because without python, Julia’s syntax simplicity arguably wouldn’t have been achieved(in the sense that the idea wouldn’t have been there).

As BDFL puts it “I am old and tired” when asked if there will be Python 4 - his words practically sums the Python ecosystem for “NUMBERS CRUNCHING” - Python will still continue to be the most popular language, or stay as one, of course for automation; BUT FOR “NUMBERS CRUNCHING” IT WILL DIE OUT, just as VISUAL BASIC did.

This statement is supported by the fact that, Python’s “NUMBERS CRUNCHING” ability is only possible because of “LIBRARIES”; the question is “HOW LONG WILL THIS ‘PORTING LIBRARIES’ CONTINUE?”

JULIA in a sense won’t or I’ll say can’t replace Python for simple automations, but for “NUMBERS CRUNCHING” domains, Python is only a matter of “when will it go?”.

Of course the question now is: “WILL I BE AN EARLY ADOPTER OF JULIA?” If you’re not fully into NUMBERS-CRUNCHING, then stick to Python (you can come to JULIA later), but if you’re in that domain, just stop running away from “FACTS” and be an early adopter of “JULIA”.