Dry run of adding a package

It happens occassinally to me that after adding a registerered package to a given already populated environment, I observe downgrade of several already installed packages. Depending on how much I need or want the new package, I either accept this situation or remove the new package (and forget about it) and issue an update command to return the environment to the original state.

But I was wondering if there is a more efficient workflow. For example, is it possible to do some sort of dry run of the package adding procedure?

Adding a package to a brand new and empty environment where it does not disturb anything is not an option because I can only find some use for the package within a given and already populated environment.


The dry-run option was removed, if I remember right. But there’s an undo function, which might help. On Pkg.jl there are various discussions about workflow, you might find some useful insights there…

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