DrWatson.jl encoding a tuple of symbols with savename

I try encoding symbols with DrWatson.jl savename.
The encoding works, but I have troubles getting the NamedTuple back from the encoded string, but only get MethodError on tryparse.

using DrWatson
slc = (site = :LUE, targetlim = :lim_P, scenario = (:prior_sep,))

tmp1 = DrWatson.savename(slc; allowedtypes=(Symbol, Tuple))
slc1 = DrWatson.parse_savename(tmp1, parsetypes = (Symbol, Tuple))

tmp2 = DrWatson.savename(slc; allowedtypes=(Symbol, Tuple), expand=["scenario"])
slc2 = DrWatson.parse_savename(tmp2, parsetypes = (Symbol, Tuple))

How do I correctly specify the arguments to savename and parse_savename to make the example work for the example slc NamedTuple?

I am using Julia 1.8.1 and DrWatson v2.9.1.

Please open an issue on GitHub DrWatson page, this may be a bug :slight_smile: