Draw vectors on scatter plot with flipped axis

Hi all-

Is there a way to draw a vector with flipped axes? In the example, the vectors are drawn in two places (and without an error in the correct place).

using Plots

m1 = (x=350,y=250)

m2 = (x=375,y=26)

vm = (x=m1.x-m2.x, y=m1.y-m2.y)
vt = (x=0,y=1)

scatter([m1.x], [m1.y], ylims=(0,500), xlims=(0,700),
    leg=false, color=:black, markersize=8, yaxis=:flip)

scatter!([m2.x], [m2.y], markersize=8, color=:darkred)

quiver!([m2.x], [m2.y], quiver=([100],[0]))

It appears that the solution is to use pyplot() instead of the default gr()

For reference: https://github.com/JuliaPlots/Plots.jl/issues/2245