Downloading files in `runtests.jl`

It would be really useful to download and use some data files when testing my package. The files don’t need to be part of the package, just for testing. Using inside the runtests.jl script seems to work fine. I can download the files to temporary locations from a Dropbox link and use them for tests. Should I be doing this some other way?

Why not put the data directly in the tests folder, so it’s version controlled with the package? Or do you need huge files?

The files are ~a few MB, but I could make them even smaller. If they go into the tests folder, can I read them from runtests.jl without any extra path elements?

Yup. Checking with println(pwd()) from runtests shows that it’s run parked in Package/test/. Loading a file from in there should work fine.

Ok that seems like a good way to keep the files with the scripts :+1:.