Download/unzip a .zip file

I set out to download/unzip a .zip file from a URL today and never thought it would be such a problem. I get an error when installing ZipFile.jl and there seems to be a lot of complaints about that package anyways. Can someone recommend a good way to do this (is there really not another package out there)?

I simply want to pass a URL to a function and then download/unzip the file that is downloaded. The reason I want to do this programmatically is that new files are uploaded monthly so I’d rather have my code get the latest version of the file every time it runs, rather than having to do this manually.

Frankly, I would just create a temporary directory, and call the relevant programs (eg wget and unzip) from Julia. If you OS has these tools or your can install them, this should be very robust (you should check exit codes for success).

Julia has download as a wrapper for wget. Does something similar exists for unzip ? (I would like to avoid to recur directly to OS commands)

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