Download file with multiple connections

while testing a downloading script in python, I also wanted to check if Julia behaves similarly, but could not figure out how to do a script that:

  • downloads a big file from the internet (>5GB)
  • has a progress meter
  • could download the file in chunks (preferably in parallel with multiple connections)
  • writes to disk and not to memory (because size)

I have seen there are a couple of ways you could implement file downloading, with code from Base and from external packages, but couldn’t find a total match.

So I settled on a simple handwritten code that does some of the things:

using HTTP
using ProgressMeter

url = ""
dst = path/to/file

open(dst, "w") do f"GET", url) do io
        r = startread(io)
        l = parse(Int, HTTP.header(r, "Content-Length"))
        p = Progress(l, 1)
        dat = 0
        while !eof(io)
            write(f, read(io, 8192))
            dat +=8192

And this does the basic download well (mind you, the url is to a 12gb file I was troubleshooting, that fails to be downloaded beyond 4gb with a single connection, hence the multiple route I was looking for).
Also got something similar with, but here I feel I have more control to alter things.

So, does anyone have a suggestion how to hit all the points mentioned? Do I have to do custom threaded loop with requesting data in ranges directly (the server allows for it)? Or maybe I missed some obvious package/function?
Thanks in advance!