Download a url (with a password)

How do I download a file from a URL, if a username and password are required? For example, in MATLAB, I can do

url = '';

and that saves a file called IRMCR2_20100324_01.csv to my local directory. That’s exactly what I want. Now how do I do it in Julia?

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Better to use Downloads which is a standard library. Something like

using Downloads: download
file = download(url)

You can create a ~/.netrc file with a username and password. You can also put the username and password in the URL.


In particular, see http - How to add login credentials to URL - Stack Overflow

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Another security-related item that isn’t explicitly mentioned yet but definitely deserves a mention is that if you make a call like

url = '';

then that line is going to be stored in your REPL history (in any language). So at a bare minimum you should be using some external file to store passwords and keys and load those programmatically.


@chadagreene in the SpaceLiDAR.jl package we write a .netrc file using this function:

This file will allow NASA EarthData and DAACs to authenticate