Code sample for logging into a web site and downloading a csv file

Hi there,
I have looked around on discourse and can’t seem to find a suggested approach that offers best practices for the following:

1 go to a web site
2 login using user and password
3 navigate to a page
4 download a csv file

I have found many ideas as to HOW to do it, but I think it would be nice to have a CURRENT best practices for something that might be a common requirement. If I missed something that exists I am sorry.

From CSV.jl Documentation · CSV.jl.
There’s not that much to it:

f = CSV.File(HTTP.get(url).body)

If you need authentication, you can pass headers to HTTP.

However, if by “go to a website. navigate to page”, you mean building a browser, then that’s a rather bigger job.

I found both those references but that’s not what my observation/question was. I was asking/postulating the need for a SINGLE best practices example that allows someone to go to a website ( by providing an url NOT writing a browser), send a user and password, and download a csv from that page. Thanks for the confirmation on the links though, I had looked at them but thought an example might be a better approach especially if it linked to the current documentation where the approach was outlined. My question/observation stands.

Isn’t this the type of service provided by sites like,, etc. ?

maybe, BUT let’s say that the dataset is one that is proprietary information behind a paywall and the website owners aren’t too keen on having it on a 3rd party hosting site. How about someone in the maker community trying to run the site from their home to cut costs?