Dowloading errors in Windows 7

I wish to report an error that I have stumbled across a number of times while installing packages. I am using Julia 0.6.2 on an x64 Windows7 machine. I am not sure if I am posting this error report at the right place, so let me know if I need to report this elsewhere.

Typically, the installer does not find the package source on the GitHub repository; this happened quite a few times for a number of packages. Here is the list I remember: SymEngine, Rmath and Sundials while installing DifferentialEquations. Before this, I had the problem with ZMQ and MbedTLS and a few others I don’t remember.

I circumvented the problem by looking for the right packages on GitHub, downloading them and putting them where they should be (using information provided by the error message in the console), building the packages and restarting Julia.

This problem just reoccurred for ZMQ while trying to update the Julia packages, and as it seems to me the problem is with the installer (I explain why right below), I thought it would be worth reporting. So here is how the error looks when I tried to build ZMQ

The download error occurred in the build.jl file for ZMQ, Here are the relevant lines of this file:

The code fails at the last line. Looking a little above (lines 15 and 30) I understand that the code is looking for the file to install here on GitHub:

I inserted this in my browser which returned a 404 error, and this is why I believe the build code itself is in error. If this inferrence is incorrect, please let me know.


Someone on first step where I first reported this error pointed out that the whole path is correct

which I had not checked. On the other hand, when moving step by step to retrieve the package manually, I find it without “download” in the URL which made me erroneously think this was the origin of the problem.

So basically, I have no idea where this problem comes from. Any suggestion is welcome.