DomainColoring(Toy).jl v1.0.0 – Smooth Complex Plotting

(For the motivation behind the package, please see the initial announcement.)

I’m happy to announce that both DomainColoring.jl and its interactive version DomainColoringToy.jl now have a stable interface! As a notable difference from the initial version (apart from many new extra features and plots) is the added support for Plots as a backend.

These packages implement a suite of plotting functions for complex functions, the primary one being domaincolor giving pictures like this illustration of z^3 - 1.

The packages have extensive documentation, designed to be usable in a course on complex analysis (we thus also introduce some Julia basics, enough to get some plots to appear).

Furthermore, there are specific routines to support those with green-red and yellow-blue color vision deficiency, like the following example of e^{1/z}, generated by pdphaseplot.

Hopefully, this package can help you in your research and/or studies, or perhaps even pique your interest to the wonderful field of complex functions. To learn more, see our documentation.