Does BinaryBuilder have an option to build only for the current platform?

BinaryBuilder has a very nice cross-platform toolchain, but if I want to use it to build locally for execution, i.e. ship source code and a build script because this is more flexible, in which case building for platforms other than the current one is pointless, how can I auto-detect current platform and only build for it?

HostPlatform() is your current platform:

julia> HostPlatform()
Linux x86_64 {cxxstring_abi=cxx11, julia_version=1.6.4, libc=glibc, libgfortran_version=4.0.0, libstdcxx_version=3.4.29}

so you can have

platforms = [

but please do note that it contains some extra ABI specifications (like C++ string ABI and libgfortran version) that may be overly restrictive, in case you want to publish a JLL package.

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