Does any julia-based GUI app (.exe/executable/installer) exists for Windows or Linux?

For me, I’d rather develop a web app instead. To make GUI app pretty is so damn hard!

I tried to make a Gtk app a while ago (on v0.7) and it’s pretty snappy, starts in maybe 2s. It’s huge though (700MB), but considering you get a lot of stuff with it (Gtk + Julia) it’s not that bad if you want to make a complex software.

I have removed it from the repository, and considered this:

I tried that but the action resulted in a windows build which crashes after run. I didn’t investigate.

I ended up with a new repository GitHub - oheil/PlayGroundApp which just holds the ZIP archive for the stand alone app and with that:

You’ve used 100% of your data plan for Git LFS on your personal account oheil. Please purchase additional data packs to cover your bandwidth and storage usage:

The Con

must be addressed immediately!

is fake news. :wink:

What kind of account are you using? I’ve never hit any limits on github, I was under the impression that public repos are free.

It’s called “GitHub Free” but this doesn’t mean “unlimited”, I guess.
Ok, did some search, it is about Large Files:

About storage and bandwidth usage

Every account using Git Large File Storage receives 1 GB of free storage and 1 GB a month of free bandwidth. If the bandwidth and storage quotas are not enough, you can choose to purchase an additional quota for Git LFS.

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Maybe not that painful.

Anyone remember drawing a first plot with Gadfly.jl on Julia 0.3 takes 100s+? :sweat_smile:

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