Documenting a parametric callable struct

I want to document a callable, parametric struct, but the docstring for the function does not show up.

This question is similar to Documenting a functor / callable struct, but the fix ( does not seem to work for parametric callable structs.

"""Docs for Parametric struct """
struct Parametric{T} end

"""Docs for Parametric func"""
function (f::Parametric{T})(x) where {T} end

"""Docs for NonParametric struct """
struct NonParametric end

"""Docs for NonParametric func"""
function (f::NonParametric)(x) end

@doc Parametric
@doc NonParametric


julia> @doc Parametric
  Docs for Parametric struct

julia> @doc Parametric{Int}
  Docs for Parametric struct

julia> @doc NonParametric
  Docs for NonParametric struct

  Docs for NonParametric func

It puts the docstring on the symbol f:

julia> @doc f
  Docs for Parametric func

Probably a bug.

Thanks. I opened an issue: