Documenter: Unable to get the binding

I’m trying to build documentation for a package I’m developing using Documenter.jl, but I currently got stuck getting
Warning: unable to get the binding for 'readMDTable(file::String; header::Bool=true)::DataFrame' in `@docs` block in src\ from expression ':(readMDTable(file::String; header::Bool = true)::DataFrame)' in module MDTables │ @docs
│ readMDTable(file::String; header::Bool=true)::DataFrame
│ writeMDTable(fileName::String, df)
│ exception = `binding` cannot understand expression `readMDTable(file::String; header::Bool = true)::DataFrame`.

Tought maybe the documentation for that specific function wasn’t loaded correctly but when looking for the documentation in the REPL it does finds it.

help?> readMDTable
search: readMDTable

  readMDTable(file::String; header::Bool=true)::DataFrame

  Reads into a DataFrame any MD table file. It's assumed the file will have a header, but can be specified with header=false if there isn't one.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Remove ::DataFrame from the end of that line inside your @docs block in your docs?

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Thanks, it seems like that was the problem.