Documenter.jl: Missing Docstring (random?)

In this package, I reference some doc strings, as usual with @docs macro.

Locally, using the LiveServer.servedocs(), some docstrings do not show up, but some of these show up when the documentation is actually deployed.

Specifically, this doc string:

shows correctly in the deployed docs:

But the same doc string, in a different page:

Does not show up:

What may be going on? Any insight?

I think Documenter only shows docstrings once. In Syntax · Documenter.jl it says it should error though if there are repeats.


Uhm, but actually I was getting the error before the duplicate (and not only with that function). I thought that the example with the duplicate would help, but seems I introduced another variable.

Ah ok, in that case I’m not sure. I’ve been confused before by docstrings not showing up because they were inadvertent duplicates, so that’s the first thing I’d check for. Otherwise no idea. Maybe some kind of revise/file watching issue with LiveServer? In which case restarting the Julia session could help.

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Indeed, removing the duplicate @docs call to that entry solves the deployed version. I get errors locally with that and other functions, when using LiveServer. I’ll try to figure out what’s going on, but it is less relevant now that the issue does not appear in the published docs.