Documenter is warning of "duplicated docs", but it isn't?

For any (sub-)module of my package, I want a documentation page with:

  1. High-level documentation of the module
  2. Index of the exported functions
  3. Detailed doc of each exported function

I currently implement the page source like:

# [The BetaML.Nn Module](@id nn_module)

` ` `@docs
` ` `

## Module Index

` ` `@index
Modules = [Nn]
Order   = [:function, :constant, :type,  :macro]
` ` `
## Detailed API

` ` `@autodocs
Modules = [Nn]
Private = false
` ` `

This is rendered correctly, in this example as Nn ยท BetaML.jl Documentation

However, Documenter complains with:

โ”Œ Warning: duplicate docs found for 'BetaML.Nn' in src/
โ”‚ ```@autodocs
โ”‚ Modules = [Nn]
โ”‚ Private = false
โ”‚ ```

Is there a better way to achieve the documentation in the format I wish ? If I remove the index part, I have no index, if I remove the autodoc part, I have no doc for the functions (and other objects)โ€ฆ

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