Documentation returns some unusual entries

In the documentation section if I type in (say) ‘sort’ I get some descriptions for the function ‘sqrt’ (which in spelling is very similar). See below.

VSCODE Version: 1.87.2 (Universal)
Julia VSCODE Extension v1.75.2
Julia v"1.10.2"
OsX Sonoma 14.4.1
MBP M3 Max

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Basic troubleshooting first, did you hit enter after typing in the method?

Aye! That I did. I hit enter after typing sort.

Oh you know what, I’m seeing the same thing in VSCode as well. The first entries are for sort, but the last few are for sqrt. I wonder if the extension is also returning near matches. E.g. searching abs also returns abs2 and uabs.

Yes, this is a fuzzy search (and not one particularly well implemented either).