Documentation of JuliaFMI

Hello People!

I am trying to simulate a FMU model in Julia, for the same I installed the package JuliaFMI.

But I am not able to find any documentation of this package. In the readMe file of the package it is mentioned that some of the documents are in Julia docs but I couldn’t find any.

If anyone have any idea where to find them or some basic example How to import a model and simulate with some input?

Any suggestions will be really helpful.

Thank you,

Package Readme says

Missing as well :slight_smile:
There are some Julia doc strings for most functions though…

Here as an example:

You should see the text by typing (I’m on the phone and cannot test):

julia> ?fmi2GetTypesPlatform

I found them :slight_smile:

From here, what I found Julia only supports Model exchange type of FMI. Anyone have found a way of simulating Co-Simulation type FMI?

this is now a quiet old thread but in any case I still post an answer:

I don’t have the time to finish AnHeuermann/JuliaFMI and would recommend to try out fmi.jl. It is a very recent package that is still under development, but can indeed simulate 2.0 ModelExchange and Co-Simulation FMUs in Julia. But unlike my JuliaFMI is is actively developed and will improve even more.