Docstring linting (e.g., check for missing argument descriptions in the docstring)

Is there a package for linting the docstrings?
I am looking for something like pydocstyle, but something that just checks that the arguments in the function signature are included in the docstring is already valuable.

I have a package in the works for this called CheckDoc.jl, which does this and a bit more — the current holdup is that parsing docstring function signature pseudo-code and matching it up with the methods that exist is not straightforward.


Thanks for replying. Please post it here when you make it public.
After Julia 1.10, it might be possible to reuse some parts of Documenter.jl and MarkdownAST.jl to improve the parsing.

Oh, when I say “parsing” I don’t mean markdown, I mean stuff like this:

foo([base::Int=2], a => y; z...)
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