Doc2Vec in Julia

Hello everybody.

I would like one of students to start learning Julia and move from Python.
The project is working on uses Gensim module for Python, which allows for modelling semantic NLP problems.
Specifically he is using Doc2Vec (aka Paragraph to vector) to generate embeddings of phrases.
I know that there are some implementations of Word2Vec (on which Doc2Vec is based) but I could not find much regarding Doc2Vec.

Does any of you know any implementation of Doc2Vec (e.g., in ‘’‘Flux’')?

I really :heart: Julia and would like some of my students to like it too :smile:

Thanks a lot in advance for your kind help.

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It appears only has Word2Vec and not document vectors. If you’re willing to branch out a little more, allows access to a larger range of embedding generators from more sophisticated/recent language models.


Thanks a lot for your message.
Might take a look at transformers, although for my application it would be an overkill…