DLL problems, episode 2

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And Thank You I have been looking all over for Savepoint and Restore/Rollback for Julia package management and I can’t seem to find that, might you send me a link to the documentation or command syntax please ?

The exact state of all Julia dependencies is recorded in the Manifest.toml file which can be local to a project or shared (or some combination of both using the LOAD_PATH environment stacking mechanism). You can and should store your project’s manifest in version control along with the rest of its source code, which thereby automatically gives dependencies the same level of checkpointing and rollback as your source code. I’m not entirely sure what you want from “atomic”—the term is abused quite a lot—but if something goes wrong with any change to your project’s dependencies, you can just revert to the last committed state. You can read about the design here:



@StefanKarpinski Thank You for your excellent timely answer :+1: You answered all my questions here, and I’m still digging that Helmet :+1::sunglasses: !