"Diversity 101" - Compiled Resources from the Astronomy Community

Hi all,

One of my takeaways from JuliaCon 2019 was how the Julia community at-large should move forward on issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion. As a (former) member of the astro community, I thought I would share the collected resources from a few years worth of effort, the Astrobetter diversity wiki, also referred to as “Diversity 101”. If we all engage with the resources on this page, I think we will be able to build a better, stronger Julia community.

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Wow, tons of great resources aggregated there.

Sadly many links end up in 404s when you are just one or two levels deep.
I found it refreshing to see there are so many different opinions around diversity and that different groups call different groups out if there policies or activism does not work out for them or harms them.
There seem to be some great reads in there.

hmmm… I’ll check it out and see if I can find the right links for to send to the folks over at Astrobetter.