DistributedArray operation fails

da = DistributedArrays.distribute(rand(10,10))
da' * da

works. However,

da * da'

fails. Any suggestions why and how it can be fixed? Thank you very much!

Not sure what’s going on, maybe you can investigate by looking at:

julia> @which da' * da
*(adjA::LinearAlgebra.Adjoint{#s125,#s124} where #s124<:(DArray{T,2,A} where A where T) where #s125, B::AbstractArray{T,2} where T) in DistributedArrays at C:\Users\####\.julia\packages\DistributedArrays\h240R\src\linalg.jl:292

julia> @which da * da'
*(A::DArray{T,2,A} where A where T, B::AbstractArray{T,2} where T) in DistributedArrays at C:\Users\####\.julia\packages\DistributedArrays\h240R\src\linalg.jl:274

Thank you very much for the suggestion but this did not help much. I am still not sure what is going on. Maybe it is a bug.

Looks to me like a missing method somewhere, but I don’t know enough about how DistributedArrays work - maybe one of the devs can chime in here, alternatively try opening an issue.