Distributed computing using mutable struct

Hi everyone,

I am developing a bioinformatics package to estimate protein adaptation rate using analytical theory followed by an Approximate Bayesian Computation.

I have used a mutable struct to change some mutational features independently and output N independent estimations, which I used to perform ABC. Since N is nearly 10^6 I have explored distributed computing to perform such N independent estimation.

The problem is that I am performing the distributed computing using several copies of the mutable struct, which finally changes any value inside the function which performs the whole estimation.

Here I summed up the code which makes the estimation.

# param is the mutable struct
# N is the number of models to solve
# nTot, nLow, ngh, ngl, ngamNeg, afac, θ, ρ, are the arrays containing the values to solve the model

fac     = rand(-2:0.05:2,N)
afac    = @. 0.184*(2^fac)
nTot    = rand(0.1:0.01:0.9,N)
lfac    = rand(0.0:0.05:0.9,N)
nLow    = @. nTot * lfac
ngh     = rand(repeat(gH,N),N);
ngamNeg = rand(repeat(gamNeg,N),N);
θ = fill(theta,N)
ρ = fill(rho,N)

nParam  = [param for i in 1:N];

# iterRates change param values nTot, nLow, ngh, ngl, ngamNeg, afac, θ, ρ values before performing the estimation
Distributed.pmap(iterRates, nParam, nBinom, nTot, nLow, ngh, ngl, ngamNeg, afac, θ, ρ);

I have never programmed using distributed computing before, but I am sure this is not the proper way to program it. Is there any other way to properly distribute my mutable struct and solve my model N times?

Thanks in advance!