Distributed Computing Shared Arrays

I am trying to use a shared array and use that array inside of a function of a function. The issue is that the function that I am using the shared array in cannot have any additional parameters passed to it due to the fact that I will be using the function with a package in Julia that can only have one function input. Thus I cannot pass the shared array to the function that needs it and the shared array is not in the functions scope. My current solution is that I generate the function inside the function itself, but this is inefficient since this function is called many times. I was wondering if a more efficient solution existed?
An example of the type of problem I am working on is shown below.

using Distributed

if nprocs()==1

 @everywhere using SharedArrays

#@everywhere include("BFGS.jl")

S =zeros(5,4) #in real script am using csvRead to read data in from file
springDat = SharedArray{Float64, 2}((szeSpring[1], szeSpring[2]))
springDat = S .* 1.0



@everywhere function eig_sum(A,springDat) 

@everywhere function Middle(x)
    for i=1:x
        x=x .+ 1.0
        vals = Inner(x)

@everywhere function Inner(y)
    springDat =zeros(5,4) #in real script am using csvRead to read data in from file
    vals = springDat .+ y

remote_do(eig_sum, works[1], 1,springDat)

In this example I need to use springDat inside of the Inner function, but cannot modify the inner function to accept the springDat array as an input to the function.