Displaying (and formatting) optimal regression curve equation

Hello Everyone:

Is there a way to display and format the
regression curve equation when plotting?

Step 1:

using Lathe.preprocess: TrainTestSplit
train, test =TestTrainSplit(MagicalCreatures, .80)

Step 2: Informing Linear Model with:

fm = @formula(MagicalCreatures ~ Headshots + GlitterBombs + CourtCases + Assaults + SpecialAttacks)

linearRegressor = lm(fm, train)

From here, is there a way to implement CP’s Malo without
having to use RCall or do I have to settle for a supervised
method (i.e. PCA).

Is there a parameter in the StatsPlots.jl (or similar package)
that could optimize the curve against the entire attribute set
or the optimal features in the set?

Something like:

           [optimized feature parameter], 
           regression= true, 
          [regression equation] = true

Thank you,