DiscriminantAnalysis - old Package?

I have been trying to get DiscriminantAnalysis to work, and it seems to add OK (with a couple of warnings), but when I try to use it, it falls over:

julia> using DiscriminantAnalysis
[ Info: Precompiling DiscriminantAnalysis [2091bfbe-2937-51d6-a893-7459a14235e5]
ERROR: LoadError: UndefVarError: LinAlg not defined

Does anyone know where I could find LinAlg? [I tried LinearAlgebra]
Or is this hopeless? [shame… this package looks handy.]

There seem to be lots of old Packages on github that come up in searches

I know peoplw can’t be bothered to maintain these old programs, but this one seems to
almost load.

Or perhaps packages which have been superceded could be so marked?
[i.e., where to go to find the successor]

Thanks for any info

The package MultivariateStats.jl seems to have linear discriminant analysis:

Someone more active in the julia stats community might be better able to say what the best current package is for linear and quadratic discriminant analysis.

It looks like the master branch of DiscriminantAnalysis.jl hasn’t been touched since julia 0.4 but it looks like the dev branch saw some commits in fall 2019. So you might want to try checking out that branch. It might already work on 1.0 and if it doesn’t, the upgrade work might be partially completed. If you go that route I would highly recommend installing julia 0.7 and possibly 0.5 and 0.6 as well. Recall that julia 0.7 is just 1.0 but with deprecation warnings for the stuff removed after 0.6. In general, upgrading packages one julia version at a time you’ll be much more likely to get useful deprecation warnings rather than cryptic error messages.

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Hi. A (very!) belated thanks for your post. I am teaching an elementary class, trying to move from R to Julia, but having some difficulty with things like lda which are simple in R, but seem to require more expertise and experience in Julia. The port of ‘lm/glm’ is handy - I wonder why nobody has done ‘lda’?
I realise MultivariateStats.jl has it, but the interface is non-obvious and in any case not very handy (imo). Does anyone know of any other options which have appeared recently?
Incidentally, the DiscriminantAnalysis package does not work, but the development version seems to have been updated even since our previous exchange on here. Please pardon my ignorance, but how would I go about adding the dev version so that I might try it out? Thanks in advance